About The LeMans Classic Collection

Our Mission

Providing our Clients the Best Classic Automobiles in the World

At LeMans Classics (LMC) we are dedicated to helping collectors obtain their dream classic European sports car, whether their purpose is strictly a good investment prospect or to simply enjoy life in style.

Our goals are simple: Offer the best classic cars in existence to our valued clients. Not every car meets our strict quality standards, and every vehicle in our collection is representative of the best classic automobiles in the world. If you're fortunate enough to own a Lemans Collection car, you own the best of the best. Period.

Our Roots

Two families. Three generations. For more than forty years.

The LMC collection is the result of several years of successful collaboration between the Doherty family, owners of California Porsche Restoration, and the Mischler family, avid, life-long Mercedes-Benz collectors.

California Porsche Restoration is the premier classic Porsche restoration company in North America, with over 40 years in business through three generations.

In the late 70s' the Mischlers founded Classic Restauration, a restoration shop in eastern France. Their restoration projects regularly won national praise and some were featured at the world famous Retromobile show in Paris. When the Mischler family emigrated to America it continued cultivating the passion for classic automobiles amassing an impressive collection of classic Mercedes Benz SLs including 300SL gullwings and roadsters, rare 5-speed pagodas and a unique, one-of-kind factory prototype RHD 190SL.

After years of successful collaboration, the two families have join forces to assemble one of the most complete collections of rare Porsches, Mercedes-Benz and other European sports cars marques. The result is the LeMans Classic Collection.

Our Location

Deep in the Heart of Fallbrook

Located in the heart of Southern California, the world's capital for classic cars enthusiasts, LMC affords an easy access to some of the most exclusive vintage vehicles on the planet, a mere block away from CPR's main restoration facility.

The Bottom Line

The best vintage cars in the world for the most discerning collector.

At LMC we’re not just classic car dealers, we are lifelong collectors, drivers and restorers of classic automobiles, and that puts us in a unique position to understand our customers' passion, requirements and needs.